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    Mammogram in Dubai

    Mammogram also known as Mastography, is useful to detect early breast cancer in women. Mammogram screening or breast cancer screening test uses low-energy X-rays to examine the breast and detect tumors and Early breast cancer that have no signs and symptoms.
    We are one of the best mammogram screening service providers in Dubai. We provide different types of mammogram services packages. If needed we provide 2D, 3D images of mammogram screening or breast screening.
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    Our Mammogram Screening Services

    Standard Mammogram

    The traditional mammogram screening for breast cancer, offered at a competitive price in Dubai.

    Breast Ultrasound

    A complementary breast imaging technique that can be combined with mammograms for enhanced breast cancer screening.

    Mammogram Screening

    Comprehensive mammogram screening services in Dubai, including 2D ray imaging of the breast.

    Early Detection Mammogram

    Specialized mammography for the early detection of breast cancers, recommended for women over the age of 40.

    Breast Sonogram

    Utilized to assess breast tissue, especially when changes in the breast are observed or when breast implants are present.

    Breast Cancer Screening Package

    Affordable mammogram screening packages designed to detect breast cancer in its early stages.

    Digital Mammogram

    Utilizes digital technology to produce high-quality images for improved breast cancer detection.

    3D Mammogram

    Offers three-dimensional breast imaging for a more detailed view of breast tissue.

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    Frequently asked Questions

    The price for a mammogram in Dubai can vary, but we offer competitive rates for this crucial breast screening. Contact us for detailed pricing information.
    Booking your mammogram appointment is easy. You can do it online, call our dedicated line at +971542663126, or visit our facility in person.
    While mammograms use X-rays to create images of the breast tissue, breast ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to visualize breast abnormalities. They are often used together for comprehensive breast cancer screening.
    Mammography screenings are typically recommended for women starting at the age of 40, but individual guidelines may vary based on your medical history and risk factors.
    Yes, mammograms are a vital tool for the early detection of breast cancers, even before symptoms like lumps or pain occur.
    There’s usually no special preparation required for a mammogram, but we recommend avoiding the use of deodorants, lotions, or powders on the day of your appointment.
    Antenatal scans are performed during pregnancy to monitor the viability of the pregnancy, fetal development, and the well-being of both the mother and the unborn baby.
    Anomaly scans are typically performed between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy to check for any developmental abnormalities in the fetus.
    Viability scans are often done in the early weeks of pregnancy to confirm the presence of a viable embryo or fetus.
    During your mammogram, you will stand in front of an X-ray machine, and during your antenatal scan, our sonographers will use ultrasound to visualize your pregnancy. Both procedures are safe and relatively quick.

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