Our Management Team

Mr. Sudhakara Reddy , UAE – Golden Visa Holder and a serial entrepreneur with extensive expertise working on a variety of enterprises in a wide range of industries including healthcare.
Over the years, Mr. Sudhakara Reddy has invested in a wide variety of industries, including Entertainment industry , technology, real estate, and healthcare. Apart from his major investments in Indian Entertainment industry here are other few example to show case his interest:
Mr. Sudhakara’s investment philosophy is based on his belief that investing is a long-term game. He is patient and disciplined in his approach, and he is always looking for opportunities to add value to his investments.
In addition to his entrepreneurial investment activities, He invests and Owns several real-estate properties in Dubai.
For CUREASY HEALTHCARE LLC , aims To Expand To Various Other Expansion Channels I.E.
For Mr. Sudhakara Reddy , investing is not just a job – it is a way of life. He is always looking for ways to improve his skills and knowledge, and he is never satisfied with the status quo. With his passion, drive, and expertise, Mr. Sudhakara is an inspiration to investors and entrepreneurs alike.
Experienced healthcare leader with over three decades of expertise in Operational & strategic business planning, project implementation, building operational efficiencies, brand management , and digital marketing for sales and business development.
Have been awarded Golden Visa by the UAE 🇦🇪 government under special category with a mention “Pioneer in healthcare industry and for your contribution to the development of Healthcare industry in the country”.
Passionate about Hospital Management and committed to thought leadership in operational processes, emphasizing Peak Performance, Integrity, and Commitment. Board member for leading healthcare brands in the UAE and India, showcasing strategic thinking and innovation in product launches while ensuring cost-effective and profitable operations.
With leadership roles in the UAE and emerging markets, I bring valuable experiences and an understanding of dynamic customer and business landscapes. Committed to creating innovative service delivery models aligned with evolving industry needs.
Some of major groups I have worked at very senior and Group levels are UAE 🇦🇪
For India

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