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    Do you often think of regaining and winning over your health? Do you ever get a chance to pay attention to how healthy or unhealthy pattern of life you are leading? If you have never paid attention to this fact, an advanced full body check effortlessly would make you realize and work on this subject. Being a comprehensive catalogue of medical tests, an advanced full body check can give you some healthy insights into your body.

    You can respond better owing to the following advantages of this test:


    An advanced full body check is a comprehensive health assessment that includes a variety of tests to evaluate your overall health and detect any underlying conditions.

    It’s recommended for individuals who want a detailed overview of their health, especially those with a family history of diseases or lifestyle risk factors

    Generally, once every 6 to 12 months, or as recommended by your healthcare provider, depending on individual health factors.

    It typically covers tests for kidney and liver function, thyroid gland, lipid profile, complete blood count, and urine routine.

    Fasting for 10-12 hours is required for accurate blood sugar and lipid profile results. A mid-stream urine sample is also needed.

    You should not eat any food; however, you can drink water during the fasting period before the checkup.

    Discuss the results with your healthcare provider to understand your health status and any necessary follow-up actions.

    The tests are generally safe, but some may have minimal risks associated with them. Your healthcare provider will inform you about these beforehand.

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