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    What we do

    Report time

    24 Hours

    Fasting time

    8-12 hours

    Test recommended for

    Male, Female

    recommended for age

    5-99 years

    Do you often think of regaining and winning over your health? Do you ever get a chance to pay attention to how healthy or unhealthy pattern of life you are leading? If you have never paid attention to this fact, an advanced full body check effortlessly would make you realize and work on this subject. Being a comprehensive catalogue of medical tests, an advanced full body check can give you some healthy insights into your body.

    You can respond better owing to the following advantages of this test:


    You Are Required To Fast If You Have A Blood Test. You Shouldn’t Consume Any Food Or Beverages Since You Risk Getting Results That Aren’t Accurate. Specific Meals Like Meat, Herbal Tea, Or Alcohol Shouldn’t Be Consumed. Providing Your Technician With This Information If You Neglect To Fast Is Important. Likewise, Avoid Smoking Before The Test. Also, You Shouldn’t Plan For Or Engage In Strenuous Or Sexual Activity.